Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mystical Ecology

A poem of the magical ecosystem we have in Georgia on November 25, 2018, which was a very eerie night, to say the least. Below you will find pictures of fairies I took that night in the trees. The first picture I took, I thought, "Wtf?" So, I took another picture seconds later and it cleared up immediately. When I got home and zoomed in, I realized I had photographed a lot of faires, if not hundreds. I was so happy, I just said, "Thank you fairies, thank you." I always respect them and leave out a bowl of honey with cinnamon in it for their delights. Fairies are a part of the Earth, just as we are.

The fog brewed
Densely overnight
Hindering my sight
Just beyond my face
While the coyotes
Are treading near
The paw prints
To nip at my ankles

The big brown bat
Flies low, straight as an arrow
Cutting through the mist
Echolocation on high alert
His primal priorities configured
Sixty seconds ahead
Of my dirty windshield

Down the road
Not even a mile
An English manor sits
Nestled upon the edge
Of a redneck populace
Isolated and displaced
Upon a pompous pond
The dead crawl ever so slowly
Out of their murky graves
Remnants of a bygone era

Tis Georgia now
A fairytale’s dream
Even the mighty city
Takes heed
While the fairy doors
Mysteriously blossom forth
A golden miracle
Of glistening pixie dust
Strategically sprinkled
Throughout the metropolis
By curious fays disguised
In long woolen ebony capes ©

The Magical Caldera

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The odd ambiance about this night was there was a heavy fog, but no rain.

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A few seconds later it was completely clear. I looked up Roswell Georgia and it turns out the Native Americans in this region told the white people not to come here because it was called the enchanted land. On his night, 4.8.2019, I checked on my blog to find all these pictures removed; apparently, Google doesn't want people to know about fairies. The silence of the magical realms is what has caused so much chaos in the first place on Earth.

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