Monday, November 12, 2012

Disregarding My Etiquette, Through the Silent Caldera

Since I've been asked in the past if I write darker poetry I decided to upload a very dismal poem that I wrote regarding a horrible Thanksgiving I had years ago called Disregarding My Etiquette; so, for all the morbid souls that inhabit the Earth enjoy.

If you're new to my blog here is what my book Through the Silent Caldera is about: Through the Silent Caldera is an autobiographical poetic synopsis of my life through the age of twenty-three years old. It encompasses every aspect of life with an extraordinary passion of poetic luminosity which includes: love, divorce, family, spirituality, death, and renewal.

Poetry Vlog:

Love ya all, Karen

Disregarding My Etiquette

Acquired I am
Abstruse in your inventions of credentials
Via this fanatically undiminished litigation
You testified as devoted adoration
Ensnared me

Gaited persistently with elegance
You perpetually did
Deprivation squandered me to ponder
My avowed significance
Scorched me successively
Beyond your mortified confessions

It's an observable duration
One more ritualistic celebration
No turkey was perceivable
Nor was an evergreen for the mirthful season
The repercussions of my gratuity
For my decorous demeanor
Was a trifle saucer of reluctant leftovers

Pardon me my beloved sir
Will you perpetually sanction me
To this dungeon of staggering cynicism?
Because to dishonor me

Renders my amusement ©

Karen L. Fleming

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quotes of the Extraordinary 7: Chivalrous Bounty

Here is the Quote of the Extraordinary that I wrote this morning. I had a friend twit me to say, "Karen, so often I hope that your quotes are secret spells." lol

I actually have never set out to write a spell, but I do suppose some of my work could be viewed as such. I woke up this morning thinking about everything I needed and wanted for me and my children today and decided, "Why not write a quote as a spell of abundance for the whole world?"

So, today I include all your hopes and dreams along with mine in a quote to bless everyone with the prosperity that we all envision for ourselves and the multiverse.

Love ya all, Karen

"Bring all the prosperity we desire on the exuberance of ancient stars resplendence tonight and beholden we shall be for the multiverse's chivalrous bounty." ©

Written: 11.8.12, 8:24 a.m. Est.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quotes of the Extraordinary 6: Mythos Clash

I wrote this quote you about to read after a dear friend of mine that I loved very much had passed away very unexpectedly. He was a brilliant poet and the only person I have ever considered to be my equal when it came to the art of writing intelligent poetry. Our existence revolved around listening to the words of spirits gently whispering in our ears that were so delicately embroidered throughout the tapestry of time; but the day arrived when our gracefully spun unity would be defiled by a tragic embroilment that never should have occurred.

"A clash of mythos was the day I said, "Goodbye" to you, the only choice I could decree defending the absoluteness of your staggering apartheid." ©
Written: 11.7.12, 3:29 a.m. Est.
The documentary you about to watch is the whole epic narrative from start to finish. My dear friend has visited me many times since his passing, but even though he is here often in spirit form I have to remember that there is another universe where he is alive and well, his masterpiece has been published, and we are finally sitting down near the cascading ocean’s edge having a glass of wine and laughing. Enjoy.
Love ya all, Karen

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Welcome Home

I walked alfresco
Into the veil of darkness
Surrounded by the boreal
Embracing arms of autumn
I stared at the constellations
To summon
Perhaps a glimpse of Heaven
When instead
A brilliantly gorgeous shooting star
Soared aloft gracefully
Right above my head
With the elegance
That only an angel would know

At that precise moment
I refused to make a wish
To ask for anything
Was for naught
I so quietly listened attentively
To the whimsical signature
Of an elusive after blaze
And I thought,
"You're not meteorites at all!
Welcome home my dear souls
Showering down from Summerland!
Welcome Home!" ©

Karen L. Fleming, Brilliance Rains

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fiendish Mongrel of Pandemonium from Through the Silent Caldera

Today on Retro Lobby Ink I'm going to read one of my poems from my book Through the Silent Caldera in celebration of Halloween. Happy Happy Belated Halloween everyone.

Love ya all, Karen

Poetry Vlog:

Fiendish Mongrel Of Pandemonium

The wind howled viciously outside my door
Whipping and slashing apart autumn's refuge

Strange venom had consumed me
Delirious I had become
Slumber declined its serenity

Wailing her secrecy I sprang to life
The terrifying theory of silence
Mimicked thunderously
Fracturing my very soul
Hysteria engulfed me
Tears fell
Echoing ruptured clouds
For I knew I had awaken a monster
That slept solely with his phantasms

I have petitioned for vehemently
Considering The spoor of insanity leads to me
I am his destination ©

Karen L. Fleming

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