Monday, February 11, 2013

Quaintly Unpretentious Conversations 2: Idiosyncratic Phenomenon

Yesterday while we were driving through Alpharetta, Georgia there was a time slip at Wills Park about 9:15 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Lily said as we drove by, "Mom, the wooden park is gone, it looks like they are building a baseball field."

I said, "Really... that sucks. Where are the children going to play?"
When we drove back by a few hours later I said, “Lillian the wooden park is right there. Are you sure it wasn’t there earlier?”
Lillian replied in a bit of a huff, “Yes Mom, I’m sure.”
I asked Brianna if she had saw the park missing and she said, "Yes."
Then without thinking I blurted out, “I wonder who time traveled here.”
Lily said quite aggravated, “I don’t want to know.”
I’m never really surprised any more at how strange our world really is, but what does astound me is that that most people rarely notice anything out of sync. Apparently, bizarre time slips are a foot in our universe, which many scientist have attributed to people time traveling. There have also been many whistle blowers claiming the United States has had  their manipulative time altering hands on time travel technology since the 1970's.

The next time this happens I am slamming on brakes and taking video footage, because this is actually the second time the girls and I have experience such a profoundly idiosyncratic phenomenon.
Written: 2.12.13, 2:00 a.m. Est.
Love ya all, Karen

To activate your third eye listen to this video with your ear phones on. ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Orgiastic Smoothering from Through the Silent Caldera

Valentines Day is once again knocking at the doors of our souls whispering rather gently, “Love is here. Let me in dear.”

As precariously reckless as Cupid has always been he grasps the almighty wisdom that everyone must have love in their lives to survive and even pricks himself with his own mystical love laced arrow. Love is the greatest magic ever birthed into existence by the divine. We should all strive to love one another not only on Valentines Day, but each and every day of our lives; for if we blunder to embrace rapture’s flame we have failed to achieve our true transcendental nature. Enjoy.

Love ya all, Karen

Orgiastic Smothering

Encounter me instantaneously
While you still have the occasion
Adore me
For this solitary significance
And don't you dare
Disregard this fire
For this rhapsody may never
Taste this delicious again

Grasp for me
As though I may lapse
Within a second
Don't flee
To hide from your ravenous appetite
For you may never witness
Such distinct powers like mine again

Penetrate me
As you have coveted
And I vow,
I will not cower from you
Empty your essence into mine
Permitting me cautiously
To caress your flesh
That you so defiantly solicit
As a safe refuge
Overwhelm me
As I triumph over you. ©

Karen L. Fleming, Through the Silent Caldera

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