Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quotes of the Extraordinary 5: Unbridled Rapture

Often times when it comes to love, we as adults get a bit jaded and decide being with a another person that we are not compatible with on a spiritual level is quite alright; when of course, we know it's just a diversion from what is really bothering us in the first place. As I got older, I thought, "This is absolutely not acceptable for me or my children."

When I met the person that was my soul mate our minds, souls, and hearts synced immediately and it was a decision I have never regretted; so, when temptation comes beckoning at my door I just politely say, "No thank you." because quite frankly why would I need to settle for less than being loved unconditionally.

"I would rather drown within the depths of my abysmal thoughts than be confined in an uninspiring relationship devoid of love's serenity and unbridled rapture." © 10.25.12, 12:33 a.m. Est.

Enjoy everyone.

Love ya all,