Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quaintly Unpretentious Conversations 3: Marvelously Contorted

My computer crashed, flat lining in the middle of constructing the poem Mephistopheles’s Halcyon. I rebooted as quickly as I could writing down all the adjustments I had made on an old envelope to my new masterpiece emerging. Iblis said quite annoyed, “It’s not fair you can write about me this way.”

I replied almost laughing, “Fine… I’ll add marvelously to the contorted to the poem. Love, light, and blessings to you.” lol
He then quite conveniently scurried away to his own lifeless realm of tenebrosity. ©
Written, 1:25 a.m. Est., 3.19.13

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mephistopheles’s Halcyon

Oh yes,
I met the marvelously contorted
Astutely gnarled dilapidated Iblis
Just a decrepit primordial hysteria
Incorporated quite conveniently
In the atramentous density
Of anemically corrupted souls
Occasionally assimilating
An obscenely satirical configuration
A monstrosity
Of an exhaustibly senile psychology
Ensnared in a bastille of mythology
Significantly expunged
From the buoyancy of humanity 

Sanguine optimism
The undeniable elixir
The utmost sovereign rhapsody
Perpetually unleashed upon the cosmos
Euphoric blessedness
The defining juncture
Of our anointed existence
Never to be revoked by any entity

Ah Mephistopheles
What a squander
Of cataclysmic vehemence you are
Surrender benevolently
Your abhorrent encumbrances of quietus
That you broadcast so boisterously
To asphyxiate without a sound
While I disentangle the virtuously marred
Submersed in your chaotically repugnant abyss ©
Karen L. Fleming, Brilliance Rains

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