Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quaintly Unpretentious Conversations 5: Our Hippy Cashier

Our favorite trips to any store is always late at night, we use to love going out in the early morning before the world’s economies collapsed just to shop in the peace and quiet without all the hustle and bustle. My most cherished time of course was always during the holiday season when I knew everyone else in the world was asleep and too tired to get up out of their beds. Now, we have to venture out right before the stores close because it seems like the whole world is now on a permanent curfew of midnight.

Our latest escapade to Walmart was to buy Brianna some more clothes since she seems to be growing in inches these days. Last year, Brianna grew four inches overnight and out grew all of her clothes including her shoes. I was a bit shocked when she came upstairs because she looked so different, so I decided the best thing to do was to measure her and sure enough she had grown leaps and bounds while she was sleeping. I said very awestruck, “Brianna, you keep growing like this and you’re going to be taller than me by next Christmas.”

Brianna just gave me a very understanding smile as she always does and a big hug.

We were standing patiently in line waiting to check out, when suddenly Lego House started playing on the television. I replied, “I can’t stand this song, it’s so damn depressing. Who in the world wants to be depressed for goodness sakes?”

Our cashier, which was in fact a reincarnated hippy from the sixties looked at me in desperation and said, “You have no idea. They keep playing it over and over.”

I looked at him with utter sympathy and said, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry that must be awful.”

He gave me a huge grin anyway and started checking us out, as if somehow the girls and I had made his day a bit better by acknowledging his musical hell.

I looked passed our cashier who had long light brown hair falling down his back in beautiful gracefully elegant curls, absolutely gorgeous teeth, and was quite handsomely tall and I said in pure excitement, “Oh my God, they have Star Trek and The Hobbit Pezs! I want them!”

He looked up from checking us out and started laughing, “So you like The Hobbit and Star Trek?”

I replied with a huge grin and laughing a bit, “Yes, I do. You should hear what Lily said about William Shatner.”

He gave us another gorgeous grin and I preceded to tell him of Lily’s comical perception of Mr. William Shatner aka James T. Kirk.

I pointed at Lily laughing at bit and said to him, “This is Lily. Do you remember when Weird or What was on Syfy?”

He smiled and nodded his head.

“She ran up the stairs and said, ‘Mom, have you seen the commercials for Weird or What? Are you recording it on the dvdr?’”

I replied calmly while I was working, “Yes. Why?"

Lily replied very ecstatically, “Mom, I think William Shatner is very crazy, weird, and funny. How old is he? He’s like forty right?”

I started laughing hysterically and I said, “No, he’s like eighty-three years old.”

She looked at me completely shocked by what I had just said then replied, “Are you sure?”

I stated with a large smile on my face, “Lillian, I grew up watching William Shatner on television when he was on Star Trek and he played James T. Kirk. I was in love with both him and Dr. Spock, everyone was. Come here and I’ll show you some pictures.”

Lillian couldn’t quite believe her eyes when I showed her a picture of William Shatner from the sixties.

The cashier was laughing and said, “Yeah, they’re both really old now. I never watched Star Trek that much.”

I could sense he was talking about Star Trek: The Next Generation because he was so young, and I said, “I grew up watching the original Star Trek.”

He looked at me with in complete astonishment as if I had just knocked the wind right out of him and said, “Wow!”