Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nomadically Blissful Innuendos, Bound By Passion

Tenaciously intrigue me once more
With your lavishly compelling stories
Burning through my aristocratic blood
Much like an ambitious pathogen
For I crave
Every delicate tale of lore
You so vigorously compose
Such linguistically delicious talent
Should not be abstruse
From my curiously cunning eyes 
I imagine you so often
Concealed in a serene sanctuary
Of impenetrable darkness
With only the most auspicious stars
To guide each gentle stroke
Your beautifully long and dainty fingers do type

I did hear your pleas my beloved
Through an oppressive fever
That wrought throughout my frail anatomy
Whispers carried on a breath of a steadfast gale
I do solemnly adhere
To a vision of love's enduring tenacity © 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quotes of the Extraordinary 2, Racism As A Commodity

This is me reading one of my quotes from my series Quotes of the Extraordinary which reads, "Racism was bred from the compassionless ignorance of viewing human beings as a commodity." © 1.8.12, 2:56 a.m. est.

I also included my painting Racism As A Commodity at the end of the video with commentary.

Enjoy. Love ya all, Karen

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fermenting Fusion, Through the Silent Caldera

This is me reading my poem Fermenting Fusion from my book Through the Silent Caldera, and doing a bit of commentary.

Fermenting Fusion

Illuminate the candles
Throughout the domicile
Gently flick every switch off
That could consummate the gloom
Ignite the incenses
That will nurture the carnivorous frenzy
Coddle the feverish passion in a coal black pot
Bruising the marred man to sobriety
Hypnotizing the heretic in all of us. ©

Karen L. Fleming

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