Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quaintly Unpretentious Conversations 4: The Predator Sound

I walked outside onto my back porch to water my basil plant and oh what did I hear, but the sound of a Predator just like from my favorite movies. I thought, "Well, that definitely doesn't sound like a frog or locust, and I'm not planning on being murdered by a semi-evil alien tonight." so back inside I went.

I told my oldest daughter, Lily, and she laughed at me for a moment, but then she said with quite a straight and serious face, "I never look outside at night because I think there will be a creature staring right back at me. Why do you think I have such a heavy curtain hanging up in my room?"

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Legacy’s Voraciousness

My birthright
Sought me rampantly
With the malignancy
Of the cursed black plague
Screeching as loudly a banshee
Blessed by four
Magnificently consecrated ravens
Under a tempestuously mystical
Monsoon’s protection
Flying mercurially in circular paths
Slightly above my house
Leaving my ablaze noumenon
Withered and maimed
As if I had been laid
Upon the Tower of London’s rack
Lacerated bit by bit
Drenched in putrefied blood
For there is no music
Upon this imprisoned Earth
That can convey this sickness
Consuming me
From our Akashic Records veracity
Oh my love,
How you have proliferated
Treachery throughout the ages
Oh lover,
How doomed you are!

For I shall shine brighter
Than a thousand suns
And when I’m done with you
Nothing shall remain
Of your petty cowardliness
That led a rebellion
Of lethiferous vengeance
To satisfy the bloodlust
Of an inexcusable maliciousness
But scorched volcanic ash
Through my vigilant paladin hands ©

Karen L. Fleming, Bound By Passion

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