Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sample Poetry from Unsolicited Aspirations

The altruism of the universe
Granted me
Such a delicate wish
A quiet need
My specialty
Versed in galactic sorcery
Or maybe….
Just one preposterous thought
Began carving out a new future ©

Written: 10.06.15

Common Sense Observations 1: Women's Sexuality

Men have a tendency to believe any meme posted about women's sexuality, my advice to all the men sitting behind computer screens is to actually go ask a woman what she enjoys. Hint: We're all different and extremely diverse in our sexuality just as men are.

Furthermore, if you ask someone about their sexuality and they don't tell you, then that means the person doesn't trust you at all; hence, why people fuck rather than make love. Yes, most men don't realize there is a difference between making love and fucking; and if they do, then the gentlemen is a keeper. ©

Written: 1.21.16