Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quotes of the Extraordinary 9: Amaranthine Possibilities

I can't say there was time in my life where my dreams were not an elaborate guidance system that was taking me far beyond this world. The person that always keeps an extra eye on me day or night regardless of whether he is awake or asleep or so very far away from me always ask me the relevant questions when I awake; even when I disregard the importance of it all. "My love are you ok? What were you dreaming about?" he consistently asks me with such a loving caution knowing that perhaps I will not answer him at all.

Visions and dreams in reality are made up of the same consciousness we all breathe, but some of us embrace this existence with an abandon that is so different from what is shoved down society’s throat because it is the only truth that is actually real. I honestly believe that if everyone’s third eye was opened our world would be a much better place, and that brings us to the Quote of the Extraordinary of the day.

There are infinite possibilities and all events present, past, and the future are happening all at once. The universes are in fact layered upon one another as a stack of pancakes dripping in maple syrup and natural butter; hence, that is why we have the overlapping of the multiverses. As abstract as this description is of the multiverses, you will understand yourself when you stand at the edge of a vortex that is constantly changing.
“The amaranthine possibilities weaving throughout my subliminal mind causes time distortions blatantly invoking his effigy from my antediluvian history.” © 12.23.12, 10:32 p.m. Est.
Love ya all, Karen 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Quotes of the Extraordinary 8: Pulsating Singularity

Hello everyone. It is in fact time again for a new quote from my series Quotes of the Extraordinary. Have you ever experienced a dream where you time traveled throughout the cosmos to given a small bit of important information that you knew with a doubt you must recall upon those first brief moments when your eyes suddenly snapped open?

I have moments like this quite often, but this particular day I awoke and couldn’t remember what in the world I had learned; so, until my memory regains this bit of obscure knowledge I’ve written a quote to remind me. I’m quite sure my consciousness will be excavating the catacombs of my mind searching for the treasure I lost.
"The inertly minute singularity pulsating through a fracture in the macrocosm is perhaps the most significant." © 12.15.12, 9:27 a.m. Est.
Love ya all, Karen