Monday, March 17, 2014

Everlasting Serendipity

Poems can start out as simple idea that you've stored away on a hard drive for another day, but since I lived St. Patrick's Day twice this year I thought maybe I would finish a poem today. Here is an idea that I jotted down that became this poem: "Luck is always with you as the sun. Luck is always with you as the moon." Written: 6.1.13, 10:25 Est. p.m.

I honestly thought these words were going to turn into a Quote of the Extraordinary, but quite often I'm wrong about the path my words will choose. My words choose how they want to be written as if they are walking through an overgrown forest carefully one step at a time trying to discover the best way to be displayed upon the sheet of paper; so, I listen very attentively and honor my words as they wish to be written from my fingertips. 

Everlasting Serendipity 

As the sun blazes
Bursting forth colossal
Coronal mass ejections
Sending telegrams
Of galactic gamma rays
Perched perfectly moored
Peers curiously down
Luring revitalizing tides
Caressing otherworldly shores
Kismet is always with you
Forever more. ©

Karen L. Fleming, Brilliance Rains

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