Saturday, November 2, 2019


Conditional love 
Destroys the soul
Fracturing trust in humanity
Forcing the victim
To build insurmountable walls
Heightening anxiety
Stressing the heart's ability
To beat peacefully
Surging pain throughout
The entire nervous system

You asked me if I still love you

A resounding no I scribed 
While midnight was closing in fast
Is the only answer I have you
For such targeting hatefulness
I shook off the suffocating abuse
Renewing myself 
With strength and perseverance
Arising within 
A new summer solstice sunrise ©

Karen L. Fleming

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Madison Notus

On a beautiful rose-colored day
When perfection permeated the air
She put on her best dress
A remanence of Sex and the City
She twirled in her
Sarah Jessica Parker dress
With Christian Louboutin 
High heels accentuating
Her long legs
These were her few 
Fashionable treasures
She held dear 
To her country bumpkin heart
She strolled the streets of Manhattan
Happy as could be
Never noticing
The man who followed
Her every blissful step
Upon the cracked concrete 

Now he was a tall man
Of stature and quite brawny
He smiled with each step
She carefully placed
Upon the filthy sidewalk
She was trying her best
Not to damage her
Floral and crystal 
Embossed shoes
He was absolutely smitten
And he knew beyond 
A shadow of a doubt
If he turned the corner
He would lose her forever
So, he walked cautiously
Behind her step by graceful step 
All the way to Grand Central Terminal
And to her little double-wide
Out in the country
Where the cows, chickens,
And sheep roamed freely
He had decided upon that day
He would come back
To knock upon her door
Just to see her beautiful face
Unbeknownst to him
Her husband was a farmer
Awaiting the zombie apocalypse
But that was quite alright
With him, it was no matter at all

On a quite spectacular day
When the wind danced
Upon the grass and wheat fields
He parked his blue and white
Bugatti Chiron
A way down the hillbilly highway
In an old Amish barn
That had seen better days
Where she wouldn't notice
A stranger about

He walked quietly up
To the rickety porch
That was in a great need 
Of repair
And gently knocked on
The trailer's door
She peered through 
The dirty diamond window
Great confusion and curiosity
Overwhelmed her
There before her stood
A rare gem of a man
Outfitted lavishly in a
Gorgeous Giorgio Armani suit
And as handsome as Jamie Fraser
Of Outlander
She very cautiously 
Opened the door
Gave him a good look 
Up and down
And couldn't stop
Staring at his diamond
Encrusted shoes
"May I help you?"
She said and then pointed
A burgundy painted fingernail
At his shoes, 
"Must be Jason of Beverley Hills?"
He smiled for a moment
Nodded his head slightly
And said, "I love you."
"Excuse me? Veronica reply.
"I saw you in New York 
And followed you home."
He said sheepishly.
A bright red neon sign
Stalker Alert! flashed
On and off in her mind
Warning her
She calmly replied,
"I have a husband."
The stranger looked at her
Calmly smiling 
And said, "I'll be back tomorrow."

Tomorrow indeed came
And she was prepared
She had a gun sitting
On her coffee table
Her husband was busy
Taking care of the farm
When the heat was stifling
A melodic knock 
Came from her door
There he stood
As happy as he could be
She opened the door
And shot him point-blank
Right between the eyes
And still, he stood smiling
He gave her a quick wink
While blowing her a kiss goodbye
And said, I'll see you tomorrow."

She closed the door 
Falling to her knees 
In utter confusion
The next day came
And she had told 
Her husband
This rare dilemma
It was ok
He was prepared for anything
He had a shed full 
Of historic Army equipment
In case the end of the world
Began unexpectedly
That day they hung the man
In a three hundred year old  oak tree
But he just continued
To smile kindly
Veronica and her husband
Scratched their heads 
And reluctantly released him
The next morning 
Came with dew heavily
Drenching the grass
Her husband Harold
Dressed in his finest overalls
Rigged their double-wide trailer
With explosives 
Madison walked briskly
Up to the door 
While the sun was setting
Red, orange, purple,
And blue hues 
Transformed the horizon
A lovely evening
To grace her with roses 
He thought
He knocked only once
When two tons
Of explosives erupted
Catching him off guard
And to double his efforts
Her husband pulled the trigger
On an old savaged bazooka
And still Madison 
Stood his ground
Never losing his smile
Utterly shocked 
Veronica facepalmed herself
And her husband just glared
At him, his Versace suit
Not one single hair amiss
Upon his head
At that moment
The couple decided
To compromise 
With the unyielding god
The great negotiations began
Under a pecan tree
Around a giant wooden spool
Once used for storing copper wire
With a gleam in his eye
Madison sat down 
In an old rusted metal patio chair
And said quite gracefully,
"You didn't have to make
such a fuss."
Harold slammed down 
His fist in anger,
"What the hell do you
want with my wife?"
He replied with patience,
"I'm in love with Mrs. Veronica,
and I shall never leave her side."
He began to tell his story
Of the first day he saw her
Strolling the sidewalks
With such grace and how
His heart slowly melted
From the coldness it once felt 
Corrupted by Wall Street
And all of humanity's greed
Each delicate description
Was a modern fable
Filling their hearts 
With unimaginable hope
A deal was struck
If Madison would write
With them a sci-fi/fantasy novel
And it became a bestseller
He would be allowed to stay
As a family member
The months passed
And the feverish writing
Commenced without a hitch
They all wrote outside
In the beating sun
Or the freezing cold
With a fire nearby
They lived in makeshift tents
For almost a year
And when the editing 
Was finished
They wait for the mailman
To deliver the news
But Madison had a dear friend
Whom was a publisher
Quite old and dapper
He wore a tweed suit and sunglasses
He was thrilled to read
A book of such caliber
A check was cut 
And to the printing press
The masterpiece was rushed
Now the throuple
No longer live in tents
They have built a mansion
Right in the exact place
The double-wide once stood
Now Mrs. Veronica
Still takes strolls
Every once in a while
In the big city
Trying to capture 
Just a bit more magic
Perhaps another god 
Or even goddess
But for the most part
Madison is right there
By her side in his best suit
Holding her hand attentively
Keeping her safe
And that is how a farmer
And his wife became billionaires
Now Harold still tends 
To the chickens and cows
He doesn't really give a hoot
About what goes on in the world
They have their peace
A sense of security
And that's all 
The throuple ever needed ©
Karen L. Fleming

My #daughter came home and said, "Sex in the City is a Mandela effect now, it's Sex and the City." I replied, "Are you fucking serious right now?" This is a dream I had, so I embellished the experience a bit, but not by much. I decided to mix pop culture with Greek mythology.