Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Clandestine Realism

A classic seventies house
Engulfed within the valley
A lavish cocktail party
Drenched in liquor
Sourced from a tacky
Wooden globe bar
And paired oddly with
Sophisticated margarita glasses

Unexceptional this house is
With the exception
That unlike their
Suburbanite neighbors
Hidden behind
The dull wood paneling
Of this quaintly
Common abode
Is a secret passage
To a wondrous river
Flowing gently below
A metallic silvery blue
From a stargate's glow

If you happen to be awake
During the depths of night
You might witness
A gondola of passengers
From all the realms
Of the universe
From within
A brick tunnel
Camouflaged intrinsically
Underneath the house
Adorned with
The purest white roses
You've ever seen ©

Karen L. Fleming

I think I channeled the narrator from the Twilight Zone on this one. lol