Friday, October 12, 2018

Galactic Grande Dame

She wasn't the queen
I dreamt of no
She was far more
Than I ever knew existed
She was a matriarch
Of intergalactic beings
Of light and love
At the height
Of enlightenment
Guarded by angels
Day and night
To know her well
Is to be emerged
Among her thoughts
No mortal could withstand
Let alone understand

For she traveled
The multiverse
Even those nasty
Escher topsy-turvy
Dimensions of hell
Never fearing
What lies ahead
For her strength
Was unparalleled
An ambassador
To all she met

She was not made
As we are
Her birth began
From one solitary moment
Of a singularity
Deep within the confines
Of infinity's love
No stardust ever
Graced her genetics
No corruption was allowed
She was a magnification
Of the first signal
Ever sent out
A gentle heartbeat
Reverberating throughout
All of eternity's
Glorious existence ©

The Magical Caldera

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