Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Wench's Rage

I felt her searing anger towards me, a push straight through from a dream. The energy swept through me with such a vast swiftness that I plummeted to the ground screaming, "Why did you do that? I have to have surgery."

He looked on with a blank stare, perhaps not realizing what he was witnessing with his frail vision. I said quite erratically, "I've known him for five years."

Her cruel glare remained fixed on me as if I had caused her to fall from her great ivory tower. I knew exactly who she was even though I had never once met her, for you cannot diminish love's eternal bliss throughout the eons with a few short years. How daft the woman is to believe she was ever loved by such a man, hiding in the dead of night watching so cunningly through the window of the world for the only woman he could ever harvest such undying esoteric desire for. Love is measured throughout the universe of time, not Earth's mere existence. © 2.19.12 2:00 a.m. est.